Finally!!! The ball is rolling

Paddy’s outdoor enclosure project has been on hold since we decided that the best solution for her ‘pond’ is the largest metal stock tank that we could get from Tractor Supply. It’s been on back-order and finally came in
My dreams of a pretty little natural looking pond faded quickly away as I realized that a beaver will chew through a rubber or hard plastic liner, dig through a bentonite clay layer, and a real concrete pool just doesn’t fit into the budget.
So here it is, Paddy’s new pool…
It’s eight feet around and two feet deep.
I’ll be borrowing the Crazy Dog People’s Kubota to sink it into the ground.
Speaking of them.. they saved the day by providing us with a used pool filter and pump! Neighbor Mike is going to help us out with the plumbing. Our good neighbor’s are really coming through for us!
God bless good neighbors!
Wish we could start today but Mr.C and I have to get out to Chesley to cut back the ornamental grasses before they start growing too much. So tomorrow will be the ground breaking… I’ll try to keep y’all updated.

Capri D asked that I post a pick of the Mohawk Viburnum when the blooms popped…
I only wish I could share with you the heavenly scent it exudes… it’s amazing!

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3 Responses to Finally!!! The ball is rolling

  1. deb says:

    Paddy will be so happy to be outdoors in her new habitat. The viburnum is just gorgeous!

  2. shar says:

    where did u get that pool i love it and it would be perfect for my ducks!!!!

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