Happy Monday

And so another season begins…

I started back to work today. It is always hard to get up and go this first day back. It didn’t help that it was below freezing this morning either!  First thing every year is to walk around and make a list of all that needs doing. By the time I get to the third page in the notebook I’m already overwhelmed. It’ll be ok… once I get rolling I’ll make quick work of it.

My bosses happened to actually be there today so I got to speak with them a bit. He’s thinking about getting CHICKENS and asked me to give him some ideas on where to build a coop!!  He also wants to put the land that won’t eventually be vineyard to good use somehow… I took the opportunity to suggest the possibility of alpacas…. or goats.  We shall see what happens. Should be fun anyway… something to look forward to.

Yesterday also marked the beginning of mowing season. Yes, I’m aware that we really shouldn’t be mowing on Easter, but when Mr. C only has 2 days off a week we don’t have a lot of different times to choose from. I did feel guilty about it but felt a tiny bit better when I saw that we weren’t the only heathens in the neighborhood… seems that the sound of our mowers going inspired several other neighbors  to start theirs up as well.

I took the time to wander around with the camera again…

The veggie garden is tilled and ready to plant…


The dirt is looking especially lovely this year…


My Mohawk Viburnum is getting ready to burst into bloom…

The purple leaf plum is in full bloom…
As is the crab apple tree and the redbuds too…

Looks like I’ll be able to post pics of the dogwoods next week. Yep, Spring has sprung, and so it begins…

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3 Responses to Happy Monday

  1. deb says:

    I didn’t know you were going to till that area up for vegetables, but what a great idea. That mohawk viburnum is beautiful, and want to see pictures of it in full bloom. I vote for alpacas, in case my vote counts!

  2. warren says:

    Isn’t spring heavenly! I am always excited to see fresh tilled dirt…well done!

  3. caprik says:

    Ah, spring!!!
    Can’t wait to see it all for myself in FIVE weeks!!!

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