Another wonderful weekend

It was a glorious, productive weekend! On Saturday Mr. C. and I pretty much finished all of the cutting back in the gardens and so many plants are waking up.
Yesterday I finished painting the chain link kennel panels which will be Paddy’s outdoor enclosure, in a nice flat black. Neighbor Mike expressed shock that I was painting nice shiny fence panels… I had to explain that nobody wants a shiny silver fence in a garden! He’s definitely esthetically challenged.
He’s also a bit challenged in the horse grooming department…
Poor Delilah has dork-bangs!

My friend and hero Peg, who used to run the wildlife center, stopped by for a visit on Sunday. It was so good to see her. She’s now saving critters down in the Florida keys. She was very impressed with Princess Paddy’s progress.

Mr. C left in the afternoon to go to Massachusetts for some business matters. That means I’ll be Paddy’s only source of entertainment for a few days… she’ll wear me out!

But the very BEST part of the weekend was yesterday evening when the phone rang and it was Da MaMa EEEK asking when I wanted visitors!!!
BFG, Capri D, and DaMaMa are coming the first weekend in April!! That is, providing that BFG’s back will feel better enough that he’ll be able to handle the long drive down. Everyone please send up a quick prayer that it all works out. I just love it when company comes!

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4 Responses to Another wonderful weekend

  1. Capri P says:

    Poor Poor Delilah!

  2. caprik says:

    Poor Delilah, that is just wrong! I’m surprised you haven’t gotten out there to TRY and fix that mess!
    Glad you were so productive. I wish I was.

  3. deb says:

    Yes, I’m doing the happy dance too! Yeh! Can’t wait! I will drive and BFG can lay in the back seat if necessary….I do know how to drive, I keep reminding him. But he is getting much better.

  4. warren says:

    Those bangs are hideous…but the perm seems to have taken pretty well!

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