I just didn’t believe it… Crockpot Lasagna!

So a while back I was watching GMA and they had on a woman who was coming out with a crockpot cookbook and I heard her say that she made lasagna in the crockpot without precooking the noodles or anything! I just couldn’t really believe that it would come out right.
I made lasagna once a loooong time ago and found it to be way too big of a hassle to make, especially when Stouffers makes such a yummy frozen one. Plus, I overcooked the noodles and they were falling apart as I was trying to make it.
Since I’ve been attempting to keep to a reasonably low carb eating plan I didn’t ever even think about making it until I saw that Dreamfields makes low carb lasagna noodles so I figured what the heck, let’s see if this crockpot thing works…
Well, let’s just say it was a resounding success!


It’s a bit taller than a normal lasagna since there are only about three noodles per layer.

And it’s hard to cut into perfect pretty squares…


But Mr. C pronounced it better than any Italian restaurant lasagna he’s ever had. He also announced that I’m allowed to make it again. AND the biggest compliment is that he said he would eat it as leftovers!
(Leftovers are not Mr.C’s thing.)

The woman that was on GMA also has a blog… she devoted a whole year to making one crockpot recipe each day. I’m looking forward to trying out some of her other recipes too. I love a crockpot but I’ve pretty much just used mine for my famous pork roasts so far. She has recipes for just about everything, check it out…
A Year of Crockpotting

I will say that I didn’t follow her actual lasagna recipe at all, I just used it as a guide on how to assemble it and how long to cook it. I’m sure that your favorite recipe would work just fine.

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4 Responses to I just didn’t believe it… Crockpot Lasagna!

  1. deb says:

    That is just amazing. I would have thought the pasta would get soggy. I might just have to try that this Sunday.

  2. caprik says:

    That looks scrum-tru-lescent!!!

    I actually read her blog last year and was sorry the year was over! She is an amusing writer. I have never made a recipe though. Because then I would have to, you know, COOK!

    I may have to give that one a whirl.

  3. sharon says:

    Don said it looks so good. Im going to make it sunday night….

  4. sharon says:

    I made it for tonights dinner and was told if i dont make it once a week hes going to kick my butt….

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