Way Back When-sdays

I got a wonderful surprise in the mail a couple of days ago…
My brother (aka BFG) spent a great deal of time this past winter going through our folk’s old slides and getting them organized, categorized, and transferred to C.D. This was a monumental task as my Dad was a BIG picture taker and there were MANY MANY MANY slides to go through.
He also transferred some old home movies. Quite a number of years ago we had a home movie night in which we watched all of the movies that my folks had taken when we were kids. There was no sound, so as we watched, BFG was filming the screen with the VHS camera while my mom and dad narrated what we were watching. I got a little bit weepy hearing my Dad’s voice after all of these years.
So I’m sending a HUGE THANK YOU to BFG for taking the time to do this. You are awesome!!
What this means is that I’ve struck gold as far as finding Way Back When-sday photos because almost all of my baby and younger years pictures were in slides and not actual photos.
Mr. C and I watched some of them last night and had lots of laughs. So many memories.
Anyway, my love of gardening and working in the yard apparently began at a pretty young age…

C’mon find an old photo and join the Way Back When-sday fun!

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3 Responses to Way Back When-sdays

  1. caprik says:

    What a wonderful gift of LOVE!!! That BFG, he’s a keeper!

    Look at Little Schmenky, striking a familiar pose!

    My childhood seems to be in slides as well. I may have to ask how he did that.

  2. deb says:

    Isnt that BFG such a blessing! He did spend innumberable evening and weekend hours putting those disks together. Now he is working on our families videos, putting them on DVD’s. But, you are the star of those slides and are such a cutie.

  3. warren says:

    I just got a huge box of pics too! It’s great material for these posts! Thanks for sharing!

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