OK, I can admit when I’m wrong

So a few years back there was all of this buzz about Howard Stern leaving regular radio to jump on the new band wagon of satellite radio. Never liked or listened to Howard Stern so I didn’t really care about that.  I can only remember thinking at the time;
“Who in the heck would PAY for radio??!!!”

“WHY would anyone DO that???!!”

“It’ll never fly, stupidest idea I’ve ever heard of”

WELL, now that I’ve been listening to the Sirius radio that was included (for 6 months) with my new car purchase… I’ll admit it, I was WRONG!

The big difference, and what has caused this abrupt turn around in my thoughts, is that I can turn on a station and listen all day and never hear the same song twice! How awesome is that?!  

I’ve tuned into the 70s channel and heard so many songs from my good old high school days that I had completely forgotten about. It is so amazing how a memory that I never even realized still dwelled somewhere deep in my brain matter will just pop up due to a  melody or lyrics. And how exactly is it that I can sing right along with a song that I haven’t even heard for 20+ years?

It’s just a shame that free radio has to play the same song list over and over and over and over and over when there is a whole treasure trove of great songs out there.  Sattelite radio has won me over and I haven’t yet delved into the comedy channels, or the entertainment channels, or the country channels… I guess I’ll have to start driving around more so I can listen in and see how many more memories will float to the surface.

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4 Responses to OK, I can admit when I’m wrong

  1. Jeff says:

    isn’t it great- no commercials- when we first got sirrus— 20 hrs to Florida 60’s rock and roll–I knew every word and every melody— kinda scary
    mabey it’s hereditary


  2. caprik says:

    That one year Capri’s Deb and Patt and I came down in Deb’s car, we listened to country on it, I liked it too!!!

  3. warren says:

    I got xm for Christmas and I agree! It’s awesome! 80s music for me…and big band. I love the 40s station…it’s my favorite style of music…anyhow, long live satellite radio!

  4. Greg says:

    The ability to put it on one station and go 700 miles with no static or changes was the selling point for me.

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