Whew! and other misc. stuff

There are some wicked winds blowing today! Ripped our old satellite dish right out of the roof and it was hanging by the wire banging the side of the house! I had to call Mr.C. home from work to help me before it crashed through our office window.  I grabbed it and held on while he got the extension pruners and cut the wires.

They started really whipping last night and we lost power right in the middle of American Idol… oh dear! When we finally got our internet back late this morning I saw who the final 36 are. I can NOT believe that the girl with the crazed hyena laugh and the headband-drama-boy made it through. Not to mention that Norman not his real name guy.  What a disappointment. O’well, I’m sure (I hope) they’ll be weeded out quickly.

Worst part is that I was DVRing Lost and if you miss a minute of that show you’re in trouble with trying to keep the plot straight. Guess we’ll have to watch it on line.

The health department came and gave Kubota the all clear and he isn’t under quarantine anymore. Since he never leaves the house it’s kind of a mute point.

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One Response to Whew! and other misc. stuff

  1. warren says:

    We had the winds too…still no power I think…from 6 pm til now at least!

    Come on spring!

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