Apparently I’m harboring a criminal

So, Kubota is home after surgery and a long weekend in the hospital. I actually picked him up late Monday afternoon. Well, Mr. Kubota had apparently had enough of the constant picking, poking, slicing and dicing that he had endured while there and he bit the vet tech as she was trying to put him into the carrier. No one really mentioned the incident to me while we were there other than an off hand comment about how he was a very unhappy cat.  Well DUH!


I would imagine that ANYONE would be somewhat unhappy to have endured THAT! Especially since there was nothing foreign in his intestines to be removed! He has irritable bowel disease.

We got our instructions from the vet and were preparing to leave when they asked us to fax them a copy of his rabies certificate, and said that he had bitten the tech through a blanket (how bad could it have been?).

Imagine my surprise when I got a call from the SHERIFF’S office later on saying that Kubota had to be kept confined(at home) for 10 days and the HEALTH DEPARTMENT was going to be paying us a visit! HUH?

They explained to me that it does not matter that he is up to date on his vaccines, anyone bitten by an animal has to report it and said animal has to be confined for 10 days to prove that they aren’t rabid.

So yesterday a guy from the health department came out to my house to look at  Kubota and had me sign a form saying that I would keep him confined and agree to notify them if he should escape confinement. He will be back in 10 days to look at  him again… apparently to ascertain that he is indeed still alive and not  gone on some rabid Kujo-type rampage.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy the the health department wants to stay on top of potential problems but really, isn’t this is a bit of overkill and a waste of  tax dollars?

On a bright note, Kubota raced me to the top of the stairs this morning and waited for his morning loves.  Oh yeah, he’s definitly a danger to society!

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3 Responses to Apparently I’m harboring a criminal

  1. caprik says:

    You would think the vets could have given you a heads up!
    Our tax dollars at work. Sheesh.
    Glad he is home and feeling frisky!!!
    That’s quite a war wound!

  2. deb says:

    Very odd protocol indeed. Poor guy, I know all about IBD, it comes and goes…but hopefully his will settle down and not be much of a problem.

  3. warren says:

    Strange but a good thing I suppose…plenty of folks are not responsible pet owners so this covers everyone I guess.

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