Yeah right!

You didn’t actually  believe me when I said I’d be sitting inside watching the snow falling while sipping a cup of tea did you?  HA! There are CHORES to be done on the hill! First I went and got the paper and trudged through  this… 


Kinda pretty, but I gotta do what I gotta do…


Keep in mind that I’m not driving right now so this was all for the benefit of Mr.C.    ALL done  with a hand shovel too! Guess I can declare myself healed from the ‘unfortunate incident’.

Then it was down to check the chickens… they are pretty distraught by these unfavorable weather conditions. Not a single chicken print in the snow!


My peacock doesn’t seem the least bit concerned…


Beautiful metal sculpture by  (aka. BFG)

The Blue Girl hollies sure do look pretty with a dusting of snow to show off the beautiful red berries…


It iced overnight so I’ll be at home sipping tea all day again today. Yeah right!

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4 Responses to Yeah right!

  1. Steph says:

    I’ve gotta hand it to you for shoveling that driveway with a hand shovel…that’s something I barely did at our old house, when the driveway was like one inch by one inch!

  2. Jeff says:

    we gotta get a plow on that gator—–
    Thanks for the props


  3. caprik says:

    Where is your snow blower?

    That Blue Girl bush is gorgamous!

    Praying for Kubota today. And you and Mr.C.

  4. warren says:

    My wife shoveled our drive yesterday too! Good women…good women for sure!

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