Redneck Sunroom

Today is the first day since my ‘unfortunate incident’ that my body hasn’t felt like I had just put in  a marathon session with Chuck & Christie on the Total Gym so I decided to go out and get some farm chores done. (that would be Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkly for those of you that haven’t seen the infomercials)

I went down to clean out the chicken coops but then I realized that frozen chicken poop sticks to the floor, isn’t that messy and it doesn’t stink! Decided to just throw another layer of straw on top and call it clean. Then I noticed that Seymour the evil rooster had what looked like to be a touch of frost-bite on his wattles so I decided to put a tarp along the north side fence of the coop run to give them a windbreak of sorts. Did the same thing on the banties coop too. Don’t know why the stupid birds don’t just stay inside when it’s this cold!

Then I went up to check on Mr. Kowalski and his ladies. They don’t need a windbreak because I’ve already given them their very own redneck sunroom!  My oldest brother who happens to be a master woodworker built the coop this past spring but it isn’t exactly roomy in bad weather so I decided to cover their outdoor run for the winter so they could have some leg room. It stays downright toasty in there!

This b K-Wal’s crib….


(K-Wal is what we call him when we’re feeling particularly hip-hop-cool)

This is Augustus II, our banty rooster… he’s mighty handsome…


His tail is beautimous…



And this is Truman who we were told was going to be a  TRUDY… he started out kind of homely but is growing into a real beaut…


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2 Responses to Redneck Sunroom

  1. deb says:

    That ol’ chicken love feeling is comin’ back…

  2. caprik says:

    Glad you are feeling so frisky!
    Also glad you clarified the Chuck and Christie thingy. I would have said Bob and Jillian , like on the Big Fat Loser show.

    That IS one beautimous wroosta tail!! Gus is Gaw-jus!

    Diggin’ the redneck sunroom, you are so thoughtful of your Folks.

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