Sharing some fun

Since my recent ‘unfortunate incident’ I’ve been spending a little extra time putzing on the computer. No, make that far too much time on the computer… Researching new cars, playing games, and popping around on different ‘blobs’  and checking out their blog rolls. I found one that amuses me greatly and thought that some of you might want to check it out…

The guy that writes it is like a conglomeration of some of my most favorite people. (I hope he wouldn’t be offended by being compared to a conglomeration, but some how I don’t think he would be) Some of his posts remind me of Mrs. Schmenkman’s … particularly the one about decorating sugar cookies with the family AND they like to play games like Apples to Apples! He is bald like three of my favorite people. He’s an inventor extrodinaire like a certain BFG I know. He’s silly like one of of those afore mentioned baldys who I could totally invision building a catapult out of a clothespin and a pill bottle, although his would probably involve some sort of combustable fluid and a match as well. (I shiver to think about it) He is in touch with his inner craftiness and isn’t ashamed to admit it!

Anyway, he’s a hoot and a half so check out the blog if you need a good giggle!

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3 Responses to Sharing some fun

  1. caprik says:

    I commented on his post about the muffins, and he did reply.
    DE-LURK!!! Make a new friend!!! He seems very nice.

  2. caprilis says:

    I DID de-lurk and commented on his cats of course!

  3. warren says:

    He is very nice…most of the time. Thanks for posting. I love to hear from new folks who are reading…I wish everyone would post comments! I am excited to see what you get into also. I promise, I won’t just lurk!

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