God is good

Woke up this morning feeling mighty sore. I’m really shocked that I don’t have any bruising from the seat belt or airbag.  My jacket sleeve does have a burn mark from the airbag  though. I think that the scarf Mrs. Schmenkman made me padded my chest to keep the seatbelt from bruising me… THANKS Schmenk!

After laying in bed thinking about things last night I believe that God may have put me there in order to stop that girl and her baby from being severely hurt or even killed. If my car hadn’t been there to stop her I believe she would have ended up in a very deep and rocky ditch or going airborn. I got a call from the police last night because they needed to ask me a few more questions. They couldn’t give me any details but said that she and the baby were both going to be ok. God is good!

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One Response to God is good

  1. deb says:

    This post has given me much to think about. You are amazing, you faith is an inspiration, love you!

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