Lest you may think it’s all cuteness and fun….

Up until now I’ve been posting only the cute stuff about Princess Paddy.

I think it’s important to note that she is a whole lot of work and sometimes a big pain in my butt too! Every morning there is a good measure of clean up to be done in her pond after her nightly activities. Usually it’s just a matter of draining the water and scooping her poop out with a net and then refilling. It’s harder than it sounds given the size of the pool and that it doesn’t drain completely so I have to tip it up to get most of the water out.

Yesterday morning I went down to discover this…1_2009-paddy-09

This is actually the second hole she has chewed in the side. The first one was a molded in cup holder that she could easily get her teeth around. We fixed that hole with fiberglass patch and silicon-ed a piece of slate on top…


That worked for a couple of weeks but I guess it was only a matter of  time until she tried again. *SIGH* Here she is actually defying me, I was 6 inches away from her! * HUGE SIGH*


So here was yesterday’s solution… more fiberglass patch and lots more slate.


When she figures out that she’s strong enough to pull that slate off I’m really in trouble.  I’ll go back to posting cute pics of her after this.  In fact here’s one of her engaged her one of her favorite games… wrestling mom’s foot…


And yes, that is what color beaver’s teeth are supposed to be!

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2 Responses to Lest you may think it’s all cuteness and fun….

  1. caprik says:

    Oooohhh, she a stinker!!
    I am glad you clarified that about the color of her teeth, that was going to be my next comment.
    Very clever concealment!

  2. debkolar says:

    She has good teeth, that is for sure. Hope it takes her a very long time to figure out your trick.

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