An update

Our computer is still in the hospital so I sit in the basement freezing as I type this with the hope that I’ll be able to actually post… this old computer is really slow and acts wonky. Sometimes we get some e-mail but it won’t let me send anything out. I got an e-mail from the crazy dog lady down the street who is my very own personal I.T. department and she has offered to come down and try to help. Such a blessing she is!

The decorating at Chesley is finally done and the big party is today. I took lots of pictures and will upload and post them when our real computer comes home… IF it comes home. *SIGH*

Got lots of new Paddy pics too… she’s growing like a weed! Last weigh-in was 10 pounds and I’m sure she’s grown since then!

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One Response to An update

  1. debkolar says:

    Hurry home computer, we want to see pictures.

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