Things are lookin up :-)

Mr C comes home from Montana tonight!! Things on the Hill have been kinda lonely since he’s been gone.

Sorry to say that his hunting trip wasn’t successful but he has only good things to say about the experience so that’s a good thing.

I wish I had more accomplishments to show for the time he’s been gone, the list was a good one but not a lot got crossed off.  O’well, I’ve been distracted. I did make some progress in the basement today and I’ve still got a few hours to work before we go to pick him up at the airport. I should take a nap so I can survive the LATE hours I’ll be keeping! (his plane gets in at 10:00…I know, I’m pitiful)

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One Response to Things are lookin up :-)

  1. caprik says:

    Welcome home Mr. C!!! I know you were greatly missed!

    They make medication for that “distraction” thingy ya know!

    Enjoy having your Honey home to help out with the sick baby.

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