Can anyone say Chubba-Wubba

This coming Tuesday will mark the 3 week anniversary of Paddy coming home with me. Scroll down a few posts to see one of the first pics I took of him. (STILL not sure of the him/her title yet!)

Now here is a more recent pic…

and another…

These were taken over a week ago and I’m sure that he’s gained even more weight since then!

He looks like a fuzzy football now. We’ve struggled though some type of skin infection and now he has a swollen rear paw. The vet will look at that either tomorrow or on Tuesday when I go to the center. He definitly had a difficult start in life but sure fell into quite the posh lifestyle here on Sassy Cat Hill!

The cats are all interested, but slightly scared of Paddy. Not sure what it means, but Bits has a scrap of knitted yarn that she carries around all of the time; we call it ‘her baby’, this morning she brought it over to Paddy and dropped it next to his ‘den’ in the living room like she was sharing it with him. It was sooooooo cute!

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One Response to Can anyone say Chubba-Wubba

  1. caprik says:

    It’s a fluffy baby!
    Maybe it is an equal opportunity paw problem beaver?

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