More on the x!@#%*!! Chesley deer

In two weeks my boss’s daughter is getting married at Chesley. I’ve been very busy just trying to keep the gardens watered so everything doesn’t look brown and crispy.  One very prominent garden is situated  in the center of the main parking area right in front of the main entrance.  I hate to brag, but this year it has been just stunning. I was so happy with how well everything was blending together and so full and lush.  I was planning on getting several good pictures last Monday.

So just imagine my devastation when I came in Monday morning to find this…

Those were huge dragon wing begonias and beautiful, thick, lush chartreuse potato vines!

Oh my gosh I was on my way to find a tree stand and a shotgun! But these were the probable culprits…

A mom with triplets! So I don’t guess I could have really done the deed. I sure would have liked to give them all a good spanking though!!

The joy of gardening!

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One Response to More on the x!@#%*!! Chesley deer

  1. caprik says:

    ooooh Dear!!! What will you do now?
    rackin-frakin deer!!!!
    I guess it does make the bitter pill a little easier to swallow when you know it was for Mama and her Bambi’s.

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