Misc stuff…

Today is Mr. C’s birthday. I sure am glad he was born! I do love that man. 

I’m currently trying to figure out what to pack for a trip back to Michigan. My Godchild/ neice is getting married on Saturday. I did manage to lose some of the extra poundage I’ve been hauling around, but not enough in my opinion. I absolutely hate the way all of my clothes look on me. Trying to decide what to pack makes that fact even more apparent! I just wear grubbies and big loose baggy clothes around here cuz I’m always outside working in a garden someplace… no need to try to look cute while doing that. I look like Pig-pen most of the time anyway.

I’m stressing about going away too… always do when I’m about to leave for any amount of time. Like the household will just completely fall apart if I’m gone… yeah right, I’m placing way too much importance on myself. I do really miss my kitties when I go away though… and the turtles, and the chickens, and Jibbitz.

That reminds me, I’ve gotten to giggling at myself a lot recently because I’ve taken to going out on the back hill in the woodland garden where Jibbitz lives and calling for him just about every day. I can’t imagine what the neighbor’s  must think when they hear me yelling  JIBBITZ… JIBBITZ…. JIBBITZ  at all different times of the day! Makes me the think of Margaret, the crazy old lady that used to live behind us when I was a kid who would walk up and down the alley cussing and screaming at imaginary people. I think the poor old soul was schizophrenic, bless her heart.

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2 Responses to Misc stuff…

  1. debkolar says:

    Happy birthday to Mr. C! He is one of the very best! Can’t wait to see you, and don’t fret you are not the only one who iis stressing over the too tight issue.

  2. caprik says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mr. C !!!!!!!

    Can’t wait to see you!
    Yeah, don’t stress too much about the extra lbs., we are all in that Fluffy Boat together!

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