We love Jibbitz

No… not those cute little charms made to go in the holes of Crocs shoes.

This is the Jibbitz we love…

I brought him home from the BRWC last Tuesday.

 A couple had found him as a baby and hand raised him and they had handled him quite a lot. He is VERY human friendly and likes to jump and crawl all over you! I’m not exactly sure why the couple turned him over to the center, but last week I asked Peg… what are we going to do with that overly-friendly squirrel? She responded “release him far away from here!” So, of course I volunteered Sassy Cat Hill  as a release site.

I let him go and he promptly ran up the nearest tree but couldn’t quite figure out how to climb back down as he has lived in cages all of his life and only had to jump from place to place. He caught on very quickly though and he disappeared into the trees.

I never saw him again until yesterday afternoon. I was out watering plants and he showed up on my potting bench right near where I had released him.

 I went and got a handful of nuts and he quickly climbed up my leg to have a snack…


He hasn’t lost a bit of his friendliness, that’s for sure!

My dear brother, (aka the Baby-Genius) had given me this knot hole that he salvaged from a tree that had been cut down in my oldest brother’s yard. I made an owl house out of it, but Jibbitz seems to like it quite a lot so it’s a ‘Jibbitz House’ now!

Checking it out.

 Hey, Looks pretty good!

 Yep, I’m moving in!

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6 Responses to We love Jibbitz

  1. Steph says:

    I heard about her! That’s so awesome that she hangs around 🙂

  2. caprilis says:

    I had to edit and change all of the hers and shes because when Jibbitz came to visit today I got a good look at his belly and now I do believe that she is a he.

  3. debkolar says:

    Looks like you have a new friend to hang out with. Just tell me, do they carry any diseases, like rabies, etc????? Did he have his immunizations?

  4. caprilis says:

    Well they can contract rabies if the come in contact with the saliva of an infected animal. The wildlife center doesn’t immunize animals, we get them grown and healthy and return them to the wild as close to they would be if they never even spent time with us.
    Any animal that is brought into the center that is suspected of rabies is held in quarantine for a specific amount of time and is only handled by people that have had the rabies immunization shots.

  5. caprik says:

    We’ll just call you the “Animal Whisperer”.
    The little He/She is adorable. That is a cool hunk of real estate it is living in!

  6. caprilis says:

    Oops, I lied, just found out that we do give immunizations!

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