The joy and the sorrow

On June 5th we had some mighty powerful storms blow through these parts. Crazy heavy winds… enough to make me round up all of the sassy cats and head to the basement kind of winds! We lost our power for the night and part of the next day. I called the BRWC to see how they fared and it was much worse for them. Several huge trees down and no power for almost 4 days!

So since they didn’t have power, I went and got Jerry Mathers (my baby beaver) and a few squirrels since they all needed bottle feeding which requires electricity to warm the bottles.  What a lot of work! My hat is off to the real  rehabbers like Peg who do this all day every day!! 

I took them all back on the following Tuesday when I went in. Peg told me that she had found a rehabber in Virginia Beach who had mucho experience raising orphaned beavers and who had the proper enclosures to do the job right. She was willing to take Jerry, but not until sometime the following week. She also suggested that Jerry stay with his primary caregiver (ME) because it would be less stressful for him. JOY!!! I got to bring him home and we had sooooooo much fun!

 Playing in the pond…

Playing in the tub… with a sassy cat audience

Having fun in the front pond.

I took him to Baby-beaver Disneyworld (aka neighbor’s Nick & Jill’s pond) with a running stream and waterfall to play in! He took walks around the yard with me, sat on my lap and ate apples while we watched the news. He would crawl up onto my shoulder and fall asleep while I was at the computer. All of this was not only allowed, but encouraged by the expert beaver rehabber!!  You see, beavers normally have a large family group and have a lot of social interaction and it is necessaryfor their well-being!! I even read in a beaver book that some orphaned beavers have died from being isolated and alone. Apparently they don’t imprint on humans either. Well, they do until a certain age but then they decide they don’t need you anymore and become a ‘real’ beaver again.

So for almost two weeks I was a full time beaver mom. Kudos to all of you moms out there! I think baby beavers are much like real children… temper tantrums, attention demanding, whining, but cute and snuggly and sweet too.  It plumb wore me out though so I’m thinking my decision not to have kids was the right one. I guess I could have done it if it was ok to stick them in a cage when I got tired of them !LOL!!!

And then the sorrow… On Wednesday of this week I had to pack him up and meet the people who would transport him to his new home in Virginia beach. I drove him part way down to Fredericksburg Virginia and met them at a rest stop. There, I had to turn him over to them along with his bed and stuffed pony that he sleeps with at night. I took along some of his favorite snacks to eat on the road. I was a total blubbering idiot. My heart was completely broken and I felt like I was abandoning my baby.

Lesson learned, I cannot be a full-fledged rehabber, I get far to attached. I’ll have to stick with being a part time volunteer at the BRWC.

This pic was on our last day together…

I sure do miss the little goomba, the pond seems so empty without him.

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4 Responses to The joy and the sorrow

  1. caprik says:

    Oh my poor Schmenky, motherhood is a tough gig sometimes!
    Always remember that Jerry Mathers would not have lived if not for you. You gave him a fighting chance, took care of him and gave him tender loving care and sent him out into the world, just like a real Mama.
    Ya done good!

  2. Steph says:

    So sorry you had to let him go…atleast you had a few weeks with him to yourself. You saved his life though, that’s so sweet!

  3. debkolar says:

    Oh Lis, Jerry was so lucky to have you as his surrogate mom.

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