I’m a baaaaaaad blogger

Well, between chicken crisis, company, getting back to work, the wildlife center and trying to get my own gardens cleaned up and ready for the season I just haven’t had the energy to post about anything.

I guess I’m just not someone who can sit down and type about my life each and every day. I can’t keep up with my gratitude journal either. Rest assured though, I’m a very grateful person.  Life is good.

I’ve had lots of cool stuff to write about too. A windfall find on free, easy-pickins rocks for the gardens, giving baths to seven baby foxes , bottle feeding the sweetest little raccoon babies, RUDY IS FLYING, a visit from DaMaMa Eeek the big brother and his better half, a cool new coop for Mr. Kowalski that big brother built while he was here, and I’m sure a good number of other things that I thought would make a good blog story. I will attempt to do better on this but I can’t make any promises.

Here’s me washing a baby…

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One Response to I’m a baaaaaaad blogger

  1. caprik says:

    Mrs. Schmenkman!!!! You have been holding out on us!!!!
    Just what exactly are you washing off of the foxes?

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