Meet Mr. Kowalski

chickens 2008-2, originally uploaded by Weluvthat.

So last weekend Mr. C and I wanted to do something fun.
Mr. C has wanted to get a new rooster since our last one was tragically ripped through the fencing of the enclosure by some unknown creature and eaten … R.I.P. Augustus. I looked in the Valley Trader paper and saw an add for a small farm animal auction in the nearby town of Berryville and off we went.
What an experience! There were chickens, roosters, bunnies, turkeys, pheasants, quail, guineas, goats, BABY goats (oh my!) and a large assortment of odd people. (there were normal looking people too)
We watched for awhile and then asked an on-looker what we needed to do to become a bidder. We went and got a number and became official bidders.
Mr C wanted a rooster, and I wanted a couple more large laying hens since my girls have decided to go on strike for some reason.

We got to the auction late and we didn’t have a chance to preview the critters beforehand so we just had to look at them from the stands when they were held up for bidding. Up for bid came a group of Bantams (those are mini-chickens for you non-chicken people) …a rooster who looked like poor old Gus and two hens that were already laying. I had told Mr. C to give me an elbow if he wanted me to bid and I got the nudge. Bids were up to $9.00 and I won! What I did NOT realize was that it was $9.00 for EACH chicken, not for the group… o’well, they’re cute.  Mr C had to hold my hands down when the baby goats came up for bid!
I still was waiting for some nice laying hens to come up but each time there were some, the bids went far too high for me. It was a long wait on a chilly day and we were getting tired. Then up for bid came a beautiful Buff Orphington rooster… I’ve read that they are very docile and sweet birds so I decided to get my big girls a guy too… maybe that would make them come off of their strike? I bid and missed out on that one… but the next one was a younger version of him and I won! His name is Seymour.
Mr C got up to go to the bathroom and I continued to watch the bidding… out came a beautimous Polish rooster. I have wanted one forever! WHAT? No one is bidding? I got Mr. Kowalski for $3.00!!! Mr C came back “THREE roosters, the neighbors will NOT be happy!!”
But I still hadn’t gotten my laying hens! Up for bid came a group of 4 pretty little game hens… assorted colors and the bidding was low so I went for it and won them at $4 each. We collected our new kids and came home. 6 hens, 3 roosters.

I immediately regretted buying the 4 game hens after googling them… they (the breed) are supposedly somewhat mean and low egg producers. On top of that, they were SICK! Right now three of them are in the garage being treated for upper respiratory disease.  One of them seems fine and I’m praying that they didn’t pass it to Seymour while they were all in the same crate.  Mr. Kowalski should be fine… he was in his own box, as were the Bantams. I haven’t named the game hens yet.

The Bantam rooster is Augustus II and the girls are Kristen and Nikki… all of my Bantam hens are named after my sweet nieces… Erin, Steph, Emily, Jackie are the first 4 I got (along with Augustus I) when dear Capri D strong-armed me into buying them at the flea market a couple of years ago.  😉 love ya Deb!   

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5 Responses to Meet Mr. Kowalski

  1. caprik says:

    I”m so glad you are “blobbing “again!!!!!!! Love Mr. Kowalski and his crazy Do. I also appreciate the tutorial on chickens, cause as you mentioned, some of us are non-chicken folk. But I like your girls, and I have eaten their tasty little eggs! Hope things go well in the infirmary.
    🙂 🙂 🙂 Waiting to hear the rest of their names.

  2. debkolar says:

    I see I started something…those banty’s aren’t so bad after all! Now you do need one more…to name after Kate. Good thing you didn’t have me with you at that auction! I do hope your new ones get well, and that they are nice. Does Mr Kowolski have a first name yet?

  3. CapriP says:

    I don’t think Mr. Kowalski needs a first name…….just call him “Mister” or Mr. K

  4. Krystyn says:


    If I am a sick chicken, please put me down and have a nice dinner. I don’t want to be a mean, sick chicken. I don’t mind the low-laying part cuz that is true and will remain true. But maybe you should have a goat and I could be her. Frankly chickens kinda freak me out. Thanks for the sweet niece part, tho. Andyour namesake has been fixed and is doin’ just fine! See yo ulater this summer I hope. Krystyn

  5. caprilis says:

    No Krys… you’re not a sick chicken or a low-layer… you are a beautiful little Bantam hen. When am I going to get those promised pics of my namesake anyway???

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