A Mecca of Manliness

 So last Sunday we went with our wonderful neighbors, Nick & Jill  to Pennsylvania to the largest outdoors show in the country… possibly the entire world!
I’m fairly used to being glared at by taxidermied heads of dead animals, but sheeeeessh we were surrounded! Lions, deer, elk, bears, moose, you name it, it was stuffed and hung on walls by various hunting outfitters to convince you that their camp was the place to go to ‘bag’ the big one.
There was even a whole hog that was not much smaller than my brother’s old black V.W. Beetle!
Cam & Nick had already made arrangements to go to Montana next fall on a hunt with a group of guys so they wanted to go and meet the guys from the outfitter and to fill out some paperwork.

Jill and I patiently tagged along while the guys perused binoculars, bought raffle tickets, and checked out the latest and greatest in hunting, fishing and shooting stuff. There were a few booths that interested us too though… we both bought sets of super-shammies. I got some wondermous sticky mats that will hold any number of things on the dashboard of your car so they won’t fall off (it’s like a miracle!).

But my favorite booth was the one where I got this sign made…

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The best part of the night was when we stopped at The Outback for dinner. Had some great merlot ( Red Diamond from Washington State) and prime rib.
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2 Responses to A Mecca of Manliness

  1. debkolar says:

    Great sign, where will you put it? I do love Red Diamond merlot, too.

  2. caprik says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that! Such a warm welcome to your lovely, sassy home! Glad the outdoor show was not supernaturally boring. Mr Schmenky is going to have soooo much fun in Montana!

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