Yesterday was a good day at the wildlife center.

First thing when I got there Peg said there’s a Red Tail down in Woodstock (a small town about an hour or so away… no, not that Woodstock) so, we drove all the way down there and trudged though the woods on the side of a mountain but we couldn’t find it. The people that called said they had seen it five days in a row and were shocked that we couldn’t find it.  After a couple of hours and a pretty good workout we gave up and told them to call us back if they saw it again.  It was a disappointing way to start the day.

But then we went back to the center and started to feed the critters and things got better. Tater, the woodchuck who is a permanent resident and education ambassador came out of his den and chirped and make these adorable little noises letting us know that he wished to be groomed.  So we went into his enclosure and scratched his back really hard. He enjoyed it soooooo much that he started clicking his teeth together really fast… I can’t quite explain the sound in type, but I can tell you it was obviously a sound of pure rapture. The problem is, that when Tater is happy with his grooming he wants to return the favor and groom you back and that  hurts! In case you didn’t know, groundhogs are very soft… I was expecting him to have a very coarse feeling coat, but he kinda felt like a cat actually.

After that, I got Rudy out and did a bit of physical therapy with him. We are trying to help him remember what his legs are for. He is able to move his talons now and kick out his legs, but something short circuits when he tries to walk or stand on them. BUT, when I took him outside to a larger enclosure, he did run across it before he collapsed into a heap… sounds kind of bad, but it’s really a big improvement from when I first captured him. GO RUDY!!!

I’m going to go out again on Friday. It just feels good to be out there and helping .

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3 Responses to BRWC

  1. debkolar says:

    I just love hearing about your days at the rescue! Glad Rudy is improving.

  2. caprik says:

    Now there is something that doesn’t happen every day, getting GROOMED by a groundhog!!! I also love hearing about your days at the rescue. But then I like hearing about anything you are doing!

  3. dlyn says:

    Lovely post – we see lots of both groundhogs and hawks around here but never get very close to them of course.

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