Sassy Cat # 2

roxanne.jpg  This is Roxanne. She is now our oldest Sassy Cat. Roxie lived on the hill even before us. She lived with and graced the home of our good neighbors, Patrick & Nancy. Patrick died of prostrate cancer several years ago and Nancy died only 3 months later of breast cancer. It was a sad time on the hill.  Nancy’s two sons live down the road from us and took Roxy to live with them. But Roxy kept coming back to her home over here and I would hear her crying to be let in at the now empty and lonely house. I noticed that she was becoming terribly thin and  I couldn’t stand it anymore so I began taking tasty treats to her, and lovin up on her until she finally decided to follow me home and adopt us.

The big problem was… and still is, Roxy HATES other cats! Any stray dog can walk right up to her and she couldn’t care less. But if another cat shows up, look out… claws and fur start flying! 

Naturally that presented a problem since we had three cats at the time. So Roxy became our ‘garage cat’ . We would love to bring her inside especially since she is well into old age for a cat… (we think about 17 years), but she will have nothing to do with it as long as there are other cats inside.

So the garage is where she lives with a very nice carpet lined house and a nice warm heating pad to sleep on.

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