OOps… forgot to post in my gratitude journal yesterday.

I’m thankful for cameras…

I’ve decided to dig out all of my scrapbook supplies that I purchased with the best of intentions a few YEARS ago!  I want to make cat scrapbooks the way most people make scrapbooks of their kids… same difference to me! 🙂

Anyway,  I’m sorting through all of  these pictures (which desperately need organizing!) and I got to remember so many happy events, see all of my loved ones faces, and just basically get sore cheeks from smiling and remembering.

Laughing at my many hair colors and cuts … how DID I ever get my hair so BIG?????

 …What was I THINKING wearing THAT outfit??!!!

…Were my nieces and nephews ever that small really?

 …Now THAT was a fun Capri weekend!

I’ve started using a digital camera now, and it’s far better for keeping things organized, but there is still something special about having that old photo in your hands instead of looking at it on a computer screen.

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One Response to oops

  1. caprik says:

    Hey Schmenky! I am driving Abby CRAZY with all the tech support she is having to supply! She said she is going to start a blog & call it “No Whining Allowed On Sassy Cat Hill”!!! LOL LOL LOL LOL
    Thanks for telling me about the bigmama blog. That was funny about all her hairdo’s, it made me think of a certain hairshow when we had VERY BIG HAIR!!! Camera’s are a very good thing indeed!

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