The Start of My Gratitude Journal

 So I posted this yesterday but I wanted to move my ‘Thankfulness journal’ to it’s own page… tried to move this over but I just can’t figure out the whole page thing so I moved it back to here. ***SIGH***
A few years back I heard Oprah suggest keeping a journal about the things you’re thankful for.  Simply to write down something each day  that you were thankful for.   I thought is was a great idea and ran out and bought a cute little journal to get started… I did it exactly once. I think the reason is because I absolutely HATE my handwriting! Even when I try really hard to be neat it comes out looking like chicken scratch.So this blog page takes my handwriting skills… or lack there-of out of the equation.Today I start!I am thankful for…. My wonderful husband. God couldn’t have given me a better partner in life. He is honorable, kind, patient (most of the time), and he puts up with my ever changing moods. We balance out each other’s weaknesses and build on each other’s strengths.  After kissing more than my share of frogs I sure did find my prince.
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